Does your content strategy include Snapguides?

There are so many platforms for delivering content but you’re confident that you have all the bases covered—user guide, video, wiki, forum, online help (authored in a structured reusable-ish way). Then, all it takes is a friend complaining that his iPhone is slugish and the panic sets in. Here’s why. In a bid to help him out, you consult Dr Google who prescribes a Snapguide.

You open the guide and, with a swipe of your thumb, you move forward through the visual instructions. Once or twice you go back to double-check a step. Before you know it, the diseased phone is cured. So simple. So damn snappy. And, because you’re filled with a sense of achievement; you click the heart icon, tell the author how helpful she’s been, add your own suggestions and then share the joy on your social networks. Building a collaborative community around instructional content? Techcomm Nirvana.
Turns out, there are guides for all kinds of things:
>; How to Use Evernote for Business >; How to Upcycle a Cassette Into a Pencil Holder >; How to Create a Guide

How to keep calm and stop carrying on?

Now you’re thinking that no decent content strategy would be complete without a Snapguide library. Oh my.

How is anyone supposed to stay focused on the content they are committed to delivering when sexy new platforms are so distracting? The Snapguide blog is over-flowing with inspiring ideas—it’s just cruel. What if I spend months slaving over a hot Robohelp while our customers just go out and make their own Snapguides? By the time it’s delivered, will my beloved content seem old hat and dinosaurish?Like so many women my age (with an iPad/Pinterest/WordPress/Twitter addiction) – perhaps I am just losing my ability to stay on task. My name is Kath and I have commitment issues. We’d better stick to the documentation plan—it is really quite sound and full of innovative ideas. And, it took long enough to get the thing signed off. Then again, do we need to cover everything in our plan? We work in an Agile environment so maybe we can be a little…well, agile? It’s not as if we need a Snapguide strategy, do we?
Maybe I’ll just create a guide on the quiet (post it on our forum) and see what happens.


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