5 reasons content wranglers should love Blogcast FM

Dear Blogcast FM,

I love you, it’s true. Let me count the ways.

1. Jogging is hard for a sloth like me but your voice in my head is distracting and the kms just slip away. Most of your interviews last between 45 minutes and an hour, which is good because I can’t run (shuffle) for any longer than that. The trajectory of each interview is perfect—warm up, pound the pavement, cool down.

2. You claim to be a podcast for ‘online entrepreneurs’ but really you’re for anyone who cares about writing, making things and having a presence online. For me, the word ‘entrepreneur’ harks back to the ‘greed-is-good’ 80s but you’re more like Gordon Gekko’s alter ego—encouraging us to pay less attention to crunching the numbers and more attention to being authentic, developing a unique voice, enjoying the ride, harnessing community and staying on task (1000 words a day). It’s the wholesome face of capitalism.

3. Your voice (channeled through Srini Rao) is buoyant, fresh and endearing. You have a way of making your guests comfortable and confessional without ever trying to score points at their expense. Sometimes you flirt with them (even if they’ve been in jail for drug trafficking) but it’s never sleazy. Each interview is enhanced by your own thoughtful perspective and you always make sure we have some practical strategies to take away. You mention ‘surfing’ in every conversation. Nice.

4. Oh, and your subject matter. Smart people doing innovative things and describing it all with great eloquence. I can be pretty cynical about life coachy, self helpy advice but you rise above that and offer a new perspective. Some standouts for me are:

These interviews are full of useful (tweetable) insights—worth untangling the ear phones.

5. You make me feel like I’m part of a revolution. I’m not sure who we’re overthrowing (or why ‘monetizing’ a blog is a crusade requiring small armies, misfits, instigators and renegade collectives ) but I’m ready to take up arms—because it’s all about designing, delivering and doing something useful with digital content.

Seems like a worthy cause and everyone knows that love is a battlefield not a victory march.

Your devoted listener,
Kath x