Take an ethnographic approach to content design

Sometimes my worlds collide and I try to surf the seismic wave.

World A: Technical Writing

I’m part of technical communication team that agonizes over the usual stuff. Should we be using DITA to create reusable content? What’s the best way to localize our material for an international audience? How do we keep our videos up to date? How do we encourage our expert community to help each other? And, the m-dash—is it possible to overuse it?

Then there’s the big umbrella question. How do we design relevant, accurate, engaging content that both informs and delights our users?

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Does your content strategy include Snapguides?

There are so many platforms for delivering content but you’re confident that you have all the bases covered—user guide, video, wiki, forum, online help (authored in a structured reusable-ish way). Then, all it takes is a friend complaining that his iPhone is slugish and the panic sets in. Here’s why. In a bid to help him out, you consult Dr Google who prescribes a Snapguide.

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